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Licensing and Freelance Design


If you wish to license one or more of the prints you see in my portfolio or on social media please email You may also request to see the full range of prints I have available for licensing.

You can view my portfolio Here.

In the email please include

Company Name

The prints you want to license and/or request to see full print catalogue

What you would be using my prints for


Once I have received your email with all necessary information I will get back to you and we can go more in-depth about your needs and pricing.

Serious Inquiries Only

Freelance Surface Design

If you are a company or individual who would like a custom made print, illustration, or a full custom print collection please email In the email please provide:

Company Name/Website

A brief description of your project and what you are looking for

A projected deadline for your project.

Once you email me we can go more in depth into pricing and the needs of your project. I also offer minor color and motif adjustments of some of my existing designs in my licensing portfolio for an additional fee if that is something you would better suit your project needs. 

Serious Inquiries Only

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