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About the Artist


Hey there, 

    I’m Amber Kerrigan and I’m an abstract artist, surface pattern designer and fashion designer currently living and working in Richmond, Virginia.


    I attended Virginia Commonwealth University where I studied Fashion Design. While in school I discovered a passion for surface pattern design and how it could be used within both fashion and interiors. After graduating I rekindled my love of fine art and painting and that is when I began my journey as an abstract artist. As my passions span over many artistic mediums I wanted to create a place to showcase them all to the world and hopefully brighten someone's life with the things that I sell and create.

That is why I created Amber K. Studios!


My abstract work is mostly in acrylics, acrylic inks and mixed media. Bold colors, fluidity, texture and layers are all major elements in my work. I've never been one to shy away from making a statement when it came to my art and I want those who see my work to feel strong emotion when looking at my work whether that is happiness, melancholy, or wonder. I love painting both intuitively and strategically and seeing how these techniques play off of each other. 

My design work and my art all play off of and inspire each other. You can see my portfolios for art and surface pattern design at the links to your right.

I also live by the philosophy that art is for everyone. I never like my art to feel overly stuffy or formal. I like to capture the fun and joy and movement in my work and make art for people who love expressing themselves through color. I also believe that if someone wants to experience my art they should get a chance to somehow. That's why I have products in a range of prices from traditionally price original paintings to art prints and even inexpensive digital products so that everyone can experience bold, expressive abstract art regardless of price point.

If you’d like to get to know me more and come on this artistic journey with me you can subscribe to my art/design newsletter below and follow me on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Pinterest !

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Amber Kerrigan

To see more of my work check out my
Fine Art

Surface Pattern Design
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