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Commission Artwork

Please read this page in full before emailing about getting custom artwork made.
How it Works:

Step 1:

If you wish to get a custom piece of art made you can email, please put Custom Art in the subject line. In the email please include:


Brief description of the type of art you want.

Projected deadlines (if any) for the piece

Step 2:

Once I have received your email I will contact you to get full details of what you want. This what I like to call the Brainstorming Stage! During this stage you and I will work together to define exactly what you are looking for.


This stage can be as simple as you showing me a color palette/mood imagery for your piece and letting me have at it. Or if you are more unsure about what kind of abstract piece you are looking for I can work more in-depth with you to find the perfect colors, theme, and imagery for your piece before I begin.

Step 3:

After the initial brainstorming stage a non-refundable deposit will be needed before I start any work on your piece. You will also need to sign a contract basically agreeing to the same things that are on this page in regards to payments, due dates and cancellations etc. Once I receive those things I can begin working on your piece!  See below for deposit prices.

Step 4 (optional):

You can also request an revision stage to make any changes to your piece when you get progress pictures. Know that adding this step may result in extra charges. Also note that there will only be ONE revision stage per piece.

Step 5:

Once I have finished your piece I will ship it to the address you choose. A tracking number will be given to the email you provided.

**Please Note: There may be times when I don't feel like my work would be a good fit for your project. In these rare circumstances I will still get back to you giving my reasoning for why.

There may also be times when I am too busy with other custom work or my own art to take any more custom orders, in those rare instances I will let you know when I might be taking custom orders again. You can also find out when I am or am not doing custom work by following Amber K. Studios on social media or subscribing to the newsletter.

Types of Custom Art Available:

- Abstract Acrylic Art (canvas or paper)

- Abstract Acrylic Ink (paper or canvas)

- Abstract Mixed Media Art

If you have an idea for a piece that's not in the styles listed here you may still email me and I will try to work with you.

Pricing and Quotes:

Quotes will be given once I receive full details about the type of piece you want. I charge by linear inch plus extra for any special materials (i.e. fabric, gel mediums, gold leaf, collage materials, etc...).  I require a non-refundable deposit before I begin any work on your piece. Deposits are based on longest side of painting.

Deposit amounts are as follows:

Small pieces (12" or smaller): $50

Medium pieces (14"-24") $100

Large pieces (26"-38") $150

Extra large pieces (40" or larger) $200

Deposits will go towards the total cost of the piece.

You may choose to pay your quote in full upfront or I am happy to set up a payment plan with you, but the full quote must be paid before I ship out the work.

You may request a revision stage before the final piece is complete in order to make changes. If significant changes are desired an additional fee may apply. It is up to my discretion to decide if a change will require an additional fee. This fee will be agreed upon before changes are made and will be applied to one of your payments or sent in a separate invoice if you paid upfront.

I accept credit/debit card and PayPal for custom orders.

Turnaround Time:

Depending on the size and complexity of the piece or if I have any other commissions at the time turnaround time can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks but it could take more or less time. Once I know the specifics of your project I can give you a more accurate turnaround time.


Shipping within the U.S is free for custom orders.

For International shipping an additional cost of $50 will be added to any quote

If expedited shipping is required it will be $30 for U.S. residents and an additional $30 for International residents on top of the regular shipping cost.

If the mail carrier is unable to deliver to the address given and the package is returned to my studio additional shipping fees will be required to reship your piece

**Note: Extra large pieces will require additional fees to ship which will be discussed on a case by case basis**



Due to the unique nature of these items returns, refunds or exchanges will not be accepted. Please be 100% sure of what you are looking for and communicate with me your needs for the piece so that you are satisfied with the end result.


If you are unsure of any elements we discussed I would suggest requesting a revision stage to look over the piece in progress and make any changes before it's complete.

The only exception to these rules is if your piece arrives damaged or gets lost in the mail. If either of those situations is the case please read our Return Policy page to find out how to proceed.


If for some reason you need to cancel your commission before it is finished the following fees/reimbursements will apply. Note that regardless of time of cancellation the initial deposit you paid will not be refunded to you.

For those who paid in full upfront:

  -Cancellations before 10 days: 50% of your total (minus the deposit) will be reimbursed back to you.

  -Cancellations after 10 days: there will be No reimbursement.

For those who set up a payment plan

  -Any payment you have already made will NOT be reimbursed back to you. But you will not have to pay the remainder of your payments (except for revision stage payments).

If you requested a revision stage and agreed on the price and then had to cancel your order the cost of revisions would not be refunded to you. For payment plans the cost of those revisions would still need to be paid.

Any fee(s) accrued from a cancellation must be paid at time of cancellation. Reimbursements will be credited within 5-7 business days.

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