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If the answer to your question is not in this FAQ please email

  • How much does shipping cost?
    Please see our Shipping page to see an in-depth explanation on shipping costs.
  • Do you ship internationally and if so how much does it cost?
    Yes we do! See our Shipping page to see specifics about international shipping.
  • I'm buying an extra large piece is there any extra shipping costs for that?
    If you are purchasing a custom piece that is extra large we will discuss extra shipping fees then. If it's one of my originals the exact shipping cost will be reflected at checkout once you put in your destination and shipping preferences, but it will be more than my standard shipping rates so don't use those as a guide for large pieces.
  • I put the wrong address in at checkout, what do I do?"
    If this happens contact right away with your order number and say you need to change your shipping address. If caught in time we should be able to change it without an issue. If your items have already shipped it will have to wait to be sent back to our studio and there will be an extra cost to reship your package.
  • My package arrived damaged, what should I do?"
    I'm so sorry this happened, please see Returns page for how to proceed.
  • I think my package may have gotten lost in the mail, what should I do?"
    If your package still hasn't arrived 7 days after its scheduled arrival date please see Returns page for how to proceed.
  • Why did I recieve two different tracking numbers for my order?
    This is likely because you purchased originals and prints in the same order. Since my originals are shipped by me and my prints are shipped through a third party they will get two different tracking numbers when you order them toghether, though both would be under the same order number. Or it could be you ordered multiple originals and they could not be shipped in the same package so you will recieve a tracking number for each package.
  • The orignal artwork that I purchased has arrived but the prints I ordered at the same time haven't yet, what should I do?"
    Since my origianls and prints are shipped a bit differently they most likely won't arrive at the same time. Prints take a bit longer to make then ship so they will likely arrive after any originals you purchase, even if bought at the same time. Please look at shipping time estimates for originals and prints on the Shipping and Returns page. If your prints still havent arrived 7 days after the estimated shipping time please email
  • Can I return original art? What about for prints?
    Due to the unique nature of these products I do not accept returns or exchanges on original art. The only exception is if an item is lost or damages. I only accept exchanges for prints. Once you return your item you will get a coupon code for the amount of your exchange. See Return Policy for more details
  • Do you offer free returns?
    Returns are free for damaged items. Return shipping cost for any other item being returned will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • How can I use the coupon code I recieved from doing an exchange?
    You will recieve your coupon code via email after your returned items are processed by us. At checout put your unique code into the coupons and codes box on the left-hand side of the checkout screen.
  • How long does my coupon code from an exchange last?
    It is good for one year from the date you recieve it in your email.
  • Can I split my exchange coupon code up into mutliple purchases?
    No. Exchange codes must be used in full at time of purchase and cannot be split into multiple purchases.
  • Can I use my exchange code on sale items? What about commissions?
    Exchange codes can NOT be used on sale items or for comissioned pieces.
  • I tried to return an item to recieve a refund/exchange but I think it may have gotten lost on the way back to you, what should I do?"
    Please email support@amberkstudios and explain your situation. I will try to help find your package. But unfortunatley if I am unable to locate the package an exchage or return would not be possible.
  • Where can I ship my return packages to?
    For both originals and prints you can send your return/exchange packages to: P.O. Box 1214 Locust Grove, Virginia 22508 **Please ship return packages using USPS, as FedEx and UPS do not ship to P.O. boxes.**
  • How do I commision a piece of orignal art?
    Please visit my Commission Art page (under the Services tab) and the whole process is there for you.
  • I would like a custom surface design made how to I go about doing that?
    I do ocassionally do custom print designs for individuals. Please see the Licensing and Custom Prints page (under the Services tab) to know how to proceed.
  • How much will it cost?
    That entirely depends on what type of art you want (i.e the size, material, colors, deadlines ect..) I can give more accurate price quotes after I know the full extent of what you want.
  • There's a print I want but would like it in a custom size or on a different material can you do that for me?
    Yes! Just email, put custom art in the subject line and let me know you want one of my prints custom made. I can put it in a custom size for you to a certain extent (sizing must still be in line with what is available at my printer and the resolution of the original picture so as not to distort the final print). For certain piece I can also have the print made in a different material. For example many of my prints come on giclee paper but if you would like it on a canvas I can do that for you. Once I know the specifics of what you need I can give you a custom pricing and shipping quote.
  • I emailed about a custom piece but you said you couldn't do it, why?"
    There are a few reasons I may turn down your commision request. 1.) The style or type of art your asking for is not something that I do - I'm mostly an abstract artist and while I can do other styles I prefer to focus my time and energy on the type of art I love because I feel that it will produce a better end result than doing a type of art that I don't really enjoy. 2. I'm currently too busy with other commisions or my own art to take on anything new. - If this is the case I will let you know when I might be taking commisons again. You can also find out through my newsletter or following Amber K. Studios on social media.
  • Do you do commisions for international customers?
    Yes! The process is the same. See the Commission Art page for international shippping costs.
  • Can I pay in installments or is it all upfront?
    You can choose to pay the full amount upfront on in two installments. The first would be needed before I begin your piece and the second no later than 7 days after recieving your piece. See Commission Art for payment specifics.
  • There's a type of art I want but I'm not sure if you'll do it should I still email you?
    Definitley! I always encoruage anyone to email if they have an idea that they want me to do. I love working with people to accomplish the ideas they have in their head. If I feel it's not in a stye I can accomplish accurately I will still get back to go giving my full reasoning for why.
  • What types of payments do you accept for commisions?
    I accept Debit/Credit cards and Paypal.
  • How much does shipping cost for a Spoonflower or Redbubble order?
    Shipping cost are set up on the individual sites and I don't control the shipping prices. Please see Spoonflower and Redbubble for specifics on their shipping costs.
  • Is the return policy for Spoonflower and RedBubble the same for your original pieces?
    Spoonflower and RedBubble have there own return policy that do not match mine. Please see there sites for details.
  • I bought something from your stores on Spoonflower and/or RedBubble but need to return it, can I return it to you?"
    No, all retrns and exchanges are handled on those designated sites. Return it to the address designated on those sites.
  • Can I get a custom piece from your Spoonflower or Redbubble store?
    If you would like a custom surface design or piece of art available on a Spoonflower or Redbubble product please contact me at and give me the details. Then I can make the design and make the product available on the site for a limited time. Note** there will be an extra charge for creating a new design on top of the price of the actual product itself. This will be discussed furthur once you email me.
  • I bought Spoonflower/Redbubble pieces as well as things from your website, will they arrive at the same time?"
    Most likely not. My shipping times and theirs are not the same. See my Shipping and Returns page and their shipping page to get a more accurate timeframe for shipping.
  • There's a sale on your Spoonflower/Redbubble stores does that also apply to your website?
    No. Spoonflower and Redbbble ocassionally have sales or I might have a sale exclusively for my shops on those sites but they would only apply to my products on those sites. Unless the same sale is advertised for the art on this website it does NOT apply to my originals or prints. Any sales I have for my Spoonflower/Redbubble shops will distinctly say they are for those sites only even if they are advertised on this site.
  • Can I use the code I got from an exchange on your main site on your Spoonflower or Redbubble site?
    No. Exchange coupon codes from my main site can only be used on this site, not Spoonflower or Redbubble.
  • Who makes the prints of your artwork?
    My prints are made through Picture Salon on premium glicee paper.
  • How is work work finished?
    My acrylic work on canvas is finished with an isloation coat then 1-2 layers of either satin or gloss varnish. This will ensure that your piece is protected from damage and will last for years to come.
  • How do I take care of the original artwork I purchased?
    -I recomment keeping them out of direct sunlight or other harsh lights. -Keep paper pieces in frames, behind glass to prevent damage. -Keep out of extremely hot or cold temperatures. -If something is spilled on a canvas piece wipe gently with a wet cloth (do not scrub) or take it to a professional art cleaner/restorer if stain is persistent.
  • What's the best way to hang the various kinds of artwork you sell?
    This is totally up to your preference but here are a few suggestions. For my paper pieces I recomment they be framed. You can try and put them on the wall unframed but I feel a frame would really give these smaller pieces some more definition to them. You can also choose to add matting to the frame but it's not necessary. For my back-stapled canvases you can hang them with just nails on the wall or get a frame for them, though I feel they look better not framed. For any gallery wrapped canvas, these pieces are thicker than back-stapled canvases and are not meant to be put into frames. So hanging with just nails or hooks and wire should work just fine. I also sell some work on canvas board, these boards are very flat so can't be hung with just nails. You can either frame them or use some kind of hanging system like command hooks or a wire, hooks and nails combo. You can also choose to frame them.
  • Do your pieces come with frames or matting?
    At this point in time I do not offer frames or matting for my pieces. They are delivered as is and any framing and matting must be done on the customers end. If you are getting a commisioned piece done we can discuss getting frames or matting for your piece at an extra cost.
  • Some art on paper I ordered has a slight curve to it, how do I make it go away?"
    This is common for pieces that are rolled for shipping. I recommend either putting some heavy objects on the piece for a day or two or putting it into a frame. That should straighten it out.
  • How accurate are the colors of your work on the screen to what I will get if I purchase it?
    Since my art is very color based I always try to edit the photos of my art to reflect the true colors that they are in real life. With that being said monitor settings, and any gloss, texture or metallic paint in the work could affect how it is percieved. If you are unsure of the colors/tones of a piece don't hesitate to email at and I will try and give you the most accurate idea of the colors in the piece.
  • Will my art last for a long time? Will it ever fade?
    I strive to use high quality materials in everything I sell. For my original works one paper I use acid free acrylic, mixed media, or watercolor paper with weights ranging from 98-246 lbs. This ensures a sturdy material and less possiblity of fading and yellowing of the paper. My paper prints are printed on high quality gilecee paper which has excellent color-fastness and longevity. My canvas pieces are always gessoed first and finished with an isolation coat and either a satin or gloss varnish to protect it from fading and keep it looking like new for years to come. I also strive to use high quality paints, inks and mediums whenever possible to better the longevity of the pieces.
  • What types of payments do you accept?
    I accept Credit/Debit cards and Paypal
  • Do you consider yourself more of an artist or a designer?
    I feel like I'm both equally. I never like to define myself by one thing. My training in fashion design, and love of surface design and abstract art all come together when I create something.
  • Are your pieces sold in stores/galleries? Where else can I buy your work?
    At the moment my work is just available through this site or my Instagram/Facebook. If you subscribe to my newsletter of follow my blog I will let my subscribers know if my work eventually ends up in a show, gallery, cafe or art fair.
  • I'm a fellow artist/creative and would love to work with you on a project, how do I get in touch with you?"
    Awesome, I love collaborating with other artist! Email and let's talk about your project!
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