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Motion Capture

Motion Capture


Small pieces with big impact! My small works collection brings the color, beauty, and emotion of my original abstract art in an affordable package. 


This piece titled “Motion Capture” is inspired by fun, movement and energy. Filled with bright colors, playful lines and wonderful texture this piece feels like it's moving even though it's not. Thos piece is a perfect way to bring the feeling of exuberance into your home.


Painted on acrylic paper, this heavyweight, high quality paper is specially made for acrylic art and will look beautiful and professional once put behind a frame. This piece will be perfect as a unique gift for the art lover in your life or as a pop of color in your own home. All works on paper come have a ½ inch white border that is included in the total 5 x 7 inch size.


Medium: Acrylic on acrylic paper

Size: 5 x 7 inches (w/ ½ inch white border)


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